Get it Fixed!

From small appliances to broken zippers. Anything that fits in the back seat we are happy to look at. Don’t be afraid to bring something along because if we’re unable to fix it we can certainly give you advice on how to get it fixed.

Get advice!

We are a diverse group of volunteers with experiences ranging from electronics to construction, sewing to computers. Ask us about anything, we are sure we’ll be able to help you.


Meet people!

Bendigo Repair Café is full of interesting and knowledgeable volunteers who are eager to share and discuss topics about sustainability, DIY and repairs. 

What to expect

Where We Repair

Come and see us in our new location Bendigo Share and Repair Shed 120 Garsed St.

When We Repair

Every Thursday and first and third Saturdays 10-1pm. If plans change we’ll post on our Facebook page. Stay up to date by following the page.

How We Repair

We are a small group of volunteers operating from the new Bendigo Share and Repair Shed. You can now contact us through or

Our new location!

Repair Café Open

Thursday and Saturday 10-1pm

Other Repair Cafés

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The Repair Movement

This is not us in these videos!

However Repair Cafés all over the world operate on the same basic principles. To foster a meeting place for people to bring broken items and learn how to repair them. We solve real world problems of waste and we try to break down the throw away mentality of our society!

Bendigo Repair Café 2021